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Good day to all my fellow Chumpcar, err, Champcar folks!


In a perfect world, there would be enough time to work, live and race, however, life tends to be less than ideal.


With that said, it's come time to send all the parts and pieces accumulated over the past couple of years for the race car buils to the next man. 


Two Mustangs - a 1985 GT 5.0 and  a 1990 GT 5.0, both are factory 5-speed cars have full suspension under them. The 1985 still has it's title and is mostly complete though gutted for build-out. the 1990 is missing the front fenders and drivers door. 1985 has the 7.5 and the 1990 has has 8.8

extra 8.8 rear end - trac-lok: 3.55 (fresh track-lok clutches) setup for disc brakes out of a Turbocoupe

extra Turbocoupe front K-member with complete front suspension, steering rack and TC brakes(same diameter as SN95).

two 2.3L Turbo engines (turbo-to-pan) out of 1988 Turbocoupes - both are complete and will need to be freshened. One has two events on it but might need a rod resized and the crank turned. Block, cylinder bores/pistons etc in great shape. Includes late model Ranger roller cam and followers.

extra 2.3L EFI head compatible with turbo setup fresh from the machine shop with mild port work, fresh springs and bigger valves.

two computers from the Turbo coupes including full wiring harness

two SVO 4cyl T5 transmission - both in fully operable condition.

CE mini-stock roll cage kikt with NASCAR style door bars. (not assembled, will likely need a bit of surface rust removed)

3-4 sets of foxbody wheels - at least two sets of factory snowflake 16x7

Partial exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler, etc., etc., etc. Anything else I find for the car will also go with it.


Have several sets of used 245 and 225 Hoosier DOT slicks that go with them as well.


There's likely 80%-85% of what one would need to complete a racer along with a plethora of spares. You'll need interior wiring, lights, seat, gauges, cool suit hardware, and random odds and ends.


Would like to get $2000 for everything (might throw in the kitchen sink...)


If you need a seat, I'm selling a new, never used 2015 18" Ultrashield HaloVS separately for $250. Might make a deal with the package list above.

Thanks for looking and forward along and question you might have.

*I'll take some picture this coming week.*


Everything is located in Little Elm, Texas - halfway between Denton and McKinney.


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Forgot to add location... ooops
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9 hours ago, LoneStarGhost said:

No cover for the seat but the Ultrashield guys can make one for you.

Boxing is a bit of a challenge but it can be done. Last time I shipped a seat it was in the $30-$40 range...




240 shipped a deal?


If so, I'll take it.

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