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Radio and Drink Tube Install in Bell RS7


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Just a thought- Ive got a ton of time racing endurance cars in cold and 100deg temps. Having water is a big deal... but KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best way to stay hydrated and have in your helmet.


H20- Each team member has their own - Simple large water bottle dropped into a holder (order online) with a drink tub attached. Velcro it to your rt side window net. Easy to get to and use.


Helmet kit - Install a quality IMSA helmet kit with a flex boom. Might want to have it with speakers for simple connivance- In my experience, I've lost ear buds on the way to the wall and had them get pulled out when tightening my belts during yellows (BTW always tighten your belts under yellows as they do get loses during a run). Speakers are easy. IMHO - If you do run ear buds pull them out the front of your helmets eye port opening and plug them in. This way they are out of the way when dealing with belts-


Hope this helps- Cheers, Shawn

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