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Price drop - Must sale - Honda CRX with B18B1 swap

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Honda CRX with B18B1 swap.  Ran this configuration for 11 race weekends before the Barber race in 2016.  The right tranny mount sheared away from the shock tower, seen in the picture below.  We don't have the time to repair the hole and we were already in the middle or building a EC E36.  The car sat in my garage since 2016 and I'm in the process of moving so we need this car out of my garage.  Before my wife got her order, we had thought about making this into a rally car.  But that is out of the picture due to the move.


The roll cage was built by us the help of another team in town.   We removed the kill switch, seat and some gauges to our E36 to help save the cost to build the EC.  Surge tank is installed as shown in the picture.  We also have a Moroso racing oil pan.


We have 4 seats of wheels and spare tranny.   Car is located in San Antonio and we're asking $2000.




call/text: 210-387-1369 or 

call/text John 210-912-4976






From TMS.  



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