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Why is forum suddenly hard to read?

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I noticed yesterday that the writing on the forum is very light and hard to read. 


Was this a change?  I noticed it on 2 different computers.  


Is there a way to make the text darker?


It hurts my eyes to read on this forum (Bill did it intentionally!)

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Just now, Bill Strong said:

I use macs. 

Maybe control alt del.

Format C was a good one to use back in the 90s


Man, you are funny....


Does this link work?  


I think it shows how to solve this on the new software.  

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15 minutes ago, Bill Strong said:

screen font. Typesets are for print.

  Type set, screen font ,Bill Strong building a Chevy , Hawaii melting , I'm so confused it's the end of times I tell ya ..

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Would have pizzed some off
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Okay, it is not zoom or size of my screen.  When I do the control + or control - it makes everything smaller, but the words are just as "thin" and kinda like dark gray, not black.


I will say that the top of the screen is literally 3 feet from edge to edge with some of the advertisements that pop up..

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