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SOLD - 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster 3.0L 5spd

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1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster with 3.0L v6 and 5 speed trans.

$300 obo

Located in the direct center of Wisconsin.

Bring a trailer


2 extra sets of rims and some used racing slicks  $200 separate,  $400 if with car


Pictures here -> http://s8.photobucket.com/user/mrslysly/library/for sale?sort=3&page=1


This car was purchased as a parts car for another Duster that I had.  Now its time to get rid of it.

Hood comes with car, just sitting on top.  Added photos.

Car runs but has a fuel leak at back of tank.  Thinking its quick disconnect fittings, but not 100% sure.  It ran and drove before fuel leak.

100% stock

Interior has been gutted

Have front seats as well as all seat belt hardware.

All A/C removed from engine bay. 

Its suppose to have a rebuilt transmission.  Word of last owner, no paperwork for proof.  Shifted smooth thou.

Has the usual rust.

Body is in good shape.

Coolant was flushed.  What came out looked good. No bad discoloration or particulate.


Comes with extras! -> all parts came off other Dusters and from when I was fixing the other Duster.  Just incidental to owning this one.

Spare motor

brake booster

brake master cylinder

brake distribution block

Factory service manual

New tie rod ends

New idler pulley

Used stock clutch and fly wheel, both in good condition

5 new spark plugs (no idea where the 6th walked off too...)

New shifter linkage bushings

new fuel tank/pump lock ring

new belt

New temp sensor

new front suspension bushings

used distributor cap

2 used brake master cylinders

used brake booster

misc parts out of trans from rebuild

power steering feed line

shock absorber boots

new throw out bearing

throttle body spacer kit

new MAF sensor

used TPS

New cam end caps

new intake and exhaust manifold gaskets

2 stock intakes off other mitsubisihi 3.0L motors





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