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Indy Car Pace Car Crash At Detroit

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He just had one job and couldn't even make it one corner. What makes this worse is the driver is a VP for GM.





At least he didn't collect part of the field like this pace car driver that failed to pull off:





And this is the driver they needed for Detroit:



And on a side note all these have been Pastor Maldonado and Milka Duno approved.


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29 minutes ago, Racer28173 said:

I’ve not driven the ZR-1, but wouldn’t it have all of the traction control and driver aids that a Z06 has?   I would think it would be very hard to screw up like that with them turned on. 

Everyone knows you turn off those 'nanny modes' as soon as you get to the race track :)

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I can tell alot of you guys are not Metro Detroiter's: What makes this all the more embarrassing is that's not just any old VP or "suit", that's Mark Reuss, basically the guy who has kept anything good at GM alive. He created the GM performance division and is quite the bad a$$ in a company that otherwise could give two hoots about fun cars. Half of the good cars like the Cobalt SS, Gen 5/6 Camaro 1LE, ZL1, C7 ZR1, etc are his doing. His father also worked at GM in the 1980s and created the Grand National. He actually races cars and holds a competition license, and is one of the few people certified to drive the ultra fast cars at race tracks for GM testing, haha!


Apparently that corner is particularly bad and bumpy. If you haven't been to Bell isle, the roads are about as bad as every other road in Michigan. But, why he didn't have ESC on, or at least in sport mode is beyond me. That car turned so quick there was no saving it, but ESC should have.



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