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I am available to drive - VIR, AMP, BARBER.

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Hello, first time post. Hopefully I am posting in the right place.


I am looking to see what endurance racing is all about. I do not have a race licence but I have about 4 years of track experience (average of 14 track weekends per year) with NASA and various other track day organizations including Just Track It, PCA,  and David Murry Track Days. I have taken the NASA comp school for fun at RRR and completed the Bondurant Racing School back in 2017.


I have driven at the following tracks:


- Robeling Road

- Road Atlanta

- Virginia International Raceway

- Carolina Motorsports Park

- Seibring

- Bondurant


I have driven the following cars on the track at speed:


- Ford Taurus Station Wagon (supercharged 220hp)

- Ford Taurus SHO (NA 200hp)

- Ford Temp (NA 220hp)

- Honda Civic (turbocharged B18B 400hp)

- Formula Mazda

- Dodge SRT Hellcat (low HP key)

- Nissan S13 (Toyota V8 1UZ engine, NA 220 HP)

- Spec E30 BMW


I have up-to-date safety gear including a Simpson Hybrid head & restraining system.


My primary goal on the track is to be consistent, smooth, and bring the car home in one pc.


So far I am available for the following weekends:


Aug 11th ~ 12th - VIR

Oct 27th ~ 28th - AMP

Dec 1st ~ 2nd - VIR

Dec 8th ~ 9th - BMP


I am 5'11" @ 150lbs.






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Welcome!  You have posted in the correct place.  As a "lessons learned" from others who have started in this manner, please make sure you are watching for inbound Private Messages (some people fail to check the email that Champ is sending their PMs to).  You may want to add your age to your post - some teams are interested in knowing that.


See you at the track!

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