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Street e30 for sale

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I am selling my 1989 BMW 325is.

I got the car in 99 and have been using it as a daily driver till last year; my wife and I had our first child so I needed something a little more family practical. I am posting it here before Craigslist mostly because I don’t like dealing with the Craigslist yahwho’s.


  • ·         It’s an e30 with all the IS goodies.

  • ·         Bilstein Shocks

  • ·         New clutch this year.

  • ·         New timing belt a year or two ago

  • ·         It is still fun to drive, especially on a damp road.

  • ·         The dash doesn’t have the standard e30 crack (I’ve been very intentional on the sun shade)


  • ·         No AC

  • ·         No radio

  • ·         Seats are out of a 325i because the 325is seats died.

  • ·         The odometer gear broke when the car was 23 or 24… so the 190,000 it is showing is really closer to 225,000. 

  • ·         The paint is oxidizing.  I think I may have washed it 10 years ago maybe.

  • ·         If you press the “recirculate” button it shorts out and wants to start an electrical fire under the dash. (so don’t press that button)

  • ·         The little plastic chin fell off in 2000. 

  • ·         The windshield has a massive crack on the passenger side and is pitted with age.

  • ·         The car was made in 1988 so it’s 30 years old and has over 200,000 miles, so it isn’t a show room quality car: it burns a little oil, my wife complains about the smell, if you run low grade gas it pings….

  • ·         I put some cheap AutoZone front brake pads on it so it doesn’t stop nearly as well as it should.

  • ·         I’ve driven the car very hard for a very long period of time: from tarmac, autocrosses, road trips, gravel, mud… it has been a work horse.

  • ·         The door locks only work from the trunk.

  • ·         About ten years ago a guy ran a stop sign and clipped me in the left rear.  The damage has long been repaired & tire wear is good but the balance is a little more toward push than the loose it used to be.

N Neutrals:


    The shift knob is from a 6 speed… the car is not one

  •          Aluminum radiator… I found one cheap on Craigslist.

  • ·         I have lowering springs never opened in a box

  • ·         I have the factory wheels.   The stupid 17’s tires on the car are easier and cheaper to find.

  • ·         I have some BMW parts… mostly junk but what I have goes with the car in the truck.

If you turn the car into a spec e30 or a Champcar or are parting it out for its good stuff… I have some friends that became best friends of each other and they met in the back seat back in 2000 leaving a party bumming a ride from me.  They want the back seat.  (Putting that into writing sure sounds fabulous but who am I to judge maybe they are)

So price:  $3,000.

Located in Alpharetta Ga.


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