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Utah 24hr race driver needed

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Visceral Racing Group is looking for 1 driver for the 24hr Utah race.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to drive a Porsche on track and feel the raw power of a 30 year old NA 4 cylinder here’s your chance.  PM me for details and your driving experience.



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I will be new to Chump car, but I am a factory trained Porsche Mechanic, and I worked at Garretson Enterprises in the 70s and 80s working with many championship race car teams.

I just returned from driving the Nürburgring, and I have the bug to get back into racing and just heard about this series.  I also have 10 years racing Moto Cross.


There is a problem, I am disabled by pain and could probably only drive one stint per drive.  I am limited on what I can lift, but I could be a Jackman, tire changer, and I have done about everything to every model of Porsche up to 1995.  Race cars I have worked on Porsche: 914-6 GT IMSA class winner, Pikes Peak 914 powered rail, 1981 935 Daytona 24hr Winning Car, Porsche Cup winner, FIA World Endurance Championship., I was the team manager at Jim Russell Driving School, and a Super Production car but small teams dried up in my area, and moved to LA to take a job.  I have been out of cars, except driving in the hills to keep sharp.  I drove the crap out of the Nürburgring with zero off course action, and would love to drive wherever we finish.  I was taught in the team I worked for you have to finish to win, and I have not crashed.


I could probably arrive whenever the car gets there and help finish and bullet proof the car, drive and pit work.  I will probably bring a cool suit system unless the car has one.  I need it because of my disability.  I am walking wounded, and I drove the Ring without issue, but getting hot in the car.  I would love to drive a car again in competition.  I had a 75 GTI for 10 years, I street raced in the mountains.  I would love to have fun, let me know what you require ericgarretson@cox.net


Let me know


Eric Garretson

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