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Sweet Neon

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Some of you may know this car, it is a solid build with a lot of heart. 

1.5” DOM cage, Cobra seat, fuel cell, surge tank, 8 wheels and tires, lots of spares, complete spare car also. 

We popped a motor and pulled the cool suit setup and the radio, the rest is as we raced it. 

I gave it to a family member who unfortunately passed away before he could put in a fresh motor and go racing and now the car needs picked up from the high desert at another friends shop. All it needs is a motor, everything else is good to go. 

Ill let it go for $2000 and if it races by California Speedway in November I’ll pay the entry. So that’s around a grand for a solid car. 

I don’t have time to get the car or do I care to negotiate, I’ll give it to someone I know if this doesn’t work out. 

You will not find an easier way to go Champcar Racing than this. As I said car is in The high desert (Hesperia) and the complete spare car is at my place in Pomona. You just have to go on my word on the entry but those who know me will vouch for me. 


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Any one component is worth the money - just the car, just the cage, just the cell, etc.  You can't go wrong with this purchase, if it does not work out you can easily resell for the same, it will just take some time.

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