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Accessory Chargers

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My accessories (gopro / laptimer / etc.) have been unreliable lately due to hodgepodge chargers and plugs rattling out, so I'm looking to consolidate into something like this:


(male accessory plug not needed, I would cut the wires and hardwire it into the car wiring)



But I'm concerned about reliability in a high temp, high vibration race car environment, and I'm just concerned in general about spending less than $10 on such a crucial part of the car.


Ideally it would have 2 accessory plugs and 3 or more USB, but I can live with 2+2.


Any recommendations on high quality electronics which would do the job??

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19 minutes ago, enginerd said:

(male accessory plug not needed, I would cut the wires and hardwire it into the car wiring)


You would have to know were the voltage-changing voodoo is happening before you cut wires. Could be happening at the male plug or in the big box.

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I hardwired one of these into our car, and it's never given a hint of trouble. 2.4A per port and you don't have to worry about the extra layer of connections that you do with a splitter. Our radio is the only thing that required the use of a 12V connector, so that got the cigarette lighter and all the cameras and on occasion a tablet were run off this.


That doesn't add another accessory plug for you, but you could use a generic splitter like huggy posted if you need an extra of those.

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