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1994 ex spec Miata project

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Selling 1994 Mazda Spec Miata project. Currently has rear subframe and gas tank removed for {safety Cage, since it is not fully legal for Champ in current state.} and floor drop install to be legal for Champcar Endurance Series. Comes with a large amount of spares and safety equipment including the following:


Floor drop kit(installed)

New 5 point harness(expire 2022)

Two 4 point harnesses (expired)

2 Ultrashield racing seats(mounting required)

Q max coolant reroute kit(not installed)

Extra 5 speed Transmission(In need of rebuild)

Extra OEM radiator

Right side net

Roll cage padding

Interior electrical disconnect (not installed)


In addition since the car is an ex spec miata it has the full spec miata suspension package, OEM hardtop, and the OEM torsen limited slip differential for 1994.


Car has some damage from racing in the past and has been logbooked by previous owners. No notes of the cause of damage in the logbook, but the main areas are on the underfloor rails and some front impact damage on the passenger side, because of this we are asking $4,000 OBO. Car is located in Roswell, GA. Please text 770-337-0237 or email ferrarifan430@gmail.com for questions or info




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Here is picture of the underfloor sheet metal rails which were crushed at some point in the cars history. This has been remediated on the drivers side through the floor drop install. Car also shows evidence of front and rear collision, and the damage was roughly fixed by the previous owners. Can provide pictures of all the areas Thursday when my teammate is back in town since the car is at his place. 


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