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Crew member fee

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At our most recent race, NCM your had to have a wrist band showing pit crew and you have to pay $20 or be a member to receive that at sign in.


Not to say you can't sneak by with out one but it is the pit marshal's job to make sure you all have one. 

Ask me how I know if you wish more details.

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8 hours ago, Crank Yankers Racing said:

Why wouldn't you support the series and buy the pit pass or membership? All other types of racing charge for people to get in so why not ChampCar? $20 is pretty fair and if you're doing 3 events just get the membership. 


Price is definitely fair. That's not what I was asking. I simply wanted to know what to tell the two guys who are crazy enough to crew for us at the VIR 24.

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