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Drill/Impact to turn water pump?


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Car is an rx7 with a 13b rotary in it.

I am finishing up my recent refresh of my old chump machine which includes getting a nice new aluminum radiator.

When tearing everything down I noticed quite a bit of rusty orange goop after removing the water pump/ plumbing system and I don't want to put in my nice new equipment and immediately pump goo into it.


So my question: If I feed the water pump from a bucket or whatever, could I turn the pump with a drill or impact gun?  I don't want to assemble everything and start it up with the gunk in there... not sure what to do to flush it out.


Has anyone every just plunked a garden hose in one of the inlet/outlets and just let it flow out?


All accessories including water pump are currently stripped from the motor so it's not like I'm dealing with a closed system ;) 

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19 minutes ago, TBone said:

Just flush it with a garden hose.


5 minutes ago, Alex3000 said:


I really just wanted someone to tell me this: Thank You.

+1 on Garden hose, but the reality is, you will find it difficult to get all sediment out of the block no matter what technique (including running the engine with everything hooked up)


With non rotary engines I would say, if you really want to protect your new radiator, flush everything forward and back till water runs clear (including the old rad) install/run/rev with clean water till you run clear, flush again, drive car aggressively, flush, repeat till it stays clean then install the new rad.

No clue if all the drama is needed with a rotary.

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Rotaries have many different types of metal and bolted together.  They typically have some rust and sediment in the system.


With the water pump off, you should be able to just flush water through the system right at the pump and have it come out the thermostat neck (or vice versa).


If you are seeing that buildup, I would also pull the drain plug on the lower drivers side of the block and flush water that way.


Finally, I would remove the thermostat neck and see how gunky that area is too.

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