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VIR 24 Hour Driver Needed

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We're all set, see you at the race!


The CMP Racing Prelude one more driver for the upcoming 24 hour at VIR. The car made it's debut in March (at VIR) where we won our class. It has proven to be very reliable and easy to drive. Cool shirt, helmet air (cooled), and drink bottle equipped. Each driver will have two driving stints and will be asked to help with pit stops. Cost is $800: $300 down, $250 each time you get in the car. Reply here, PM me, or email me at ross2004atyahoo .com if you're interested 


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I like your fee structure. That really works for situations like I've had where  the car doesn't make it and I never get seat time of very little.

I'm already racing with a team full time , IMG_20171229_190349.thumb.jpg.ea9898df377cf17632f33f92d066abf7.jpgdoing 2 stints at Vir for that race but if you need a stint filled and you can work me in , I'll take a stint. I dont mind paying , it helps to see how other cars feel, and improve them with comparitive feedback

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