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Single vs Multilayer Suit


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Going through gear tech at the Glen this year, I was told that Nomex undergarments are required if your firesuit is not a 3-layer suit.


However, referring to the BCCR, it states:


"3.11.2. If using a single-layer SFI 3.2/A1 or 3.2/A3 suit, the driver must also wear fire-retardant SFI- or FIA- certified undergarments. Multilayer suits rated SFI 3.2/A5 or higher are highly recommended and may be worn without undergarments."


My suit is a two-layer suit rated SFI 3.2/A5 (2016 OMP First Evo); reading the BCCR this should be ok to race without undergarments, but as per Glen tech it would not. Would appreciate clarification.

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I haven't checked the current rule but sounds like you were given bad Intel.


Most venues require 3.2a5 as a minimum. That would allow a single layer 3.2a1 plus under garments to reach that min. 


3.2a5 min can be achieved with a thin dual later of Nomex (higher price) or similar material (lesser price). Some 3 layers suits use different materials to achieve the min. Don't assume a 3 layer is better than 2. 



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