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Driver Needed for VIR 24 Hour Race

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Rolling Roadblock Racing is looking for experienced drivers to fill our final seat at the 24 hour race at VIR. We have five drivers currently on our team, four of which have raced previously in multiple races within ChampCar. Our 1990 Mazda Miata has made it through each of the three races we have competed in (AMP Double, VIR 12 Hours South, & 14 Hours @ Charlotte) With each race we have made improvments to the car and continue to do so for the upcoming race at VIR. We are not looking for a driver to set the world on fire in speed, but an experienced and deliberate driver who will bring the car back in one piece and run consistent lap times, as our goal is to finish the race and give each driver an enjoyable experience. Our price for the seat is $1000 for what should equate to 4 hours of racing barring no major issues with the car. 


If you are interested in joining with us in the 24 hour race at VIR please feel free to PM me or shoot me a text 804-814-6323. Most of our team is within the metro Richmond area if you would like to see the car prior to the race we have a workday coming up and you are more than welcome to join us for that. Looking forward to hearing from you! 


Jacob Fyfe

Rolling Roadblock Racing Team Captain  


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