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89 Toyota Celica w/ V6 swap

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I am selling our Champcar prepped 1989 Toyota Celica GT with a legal engine swap to a 1997 Toyota Camry V6 (1MZ). Weighing 2460 lbs (with full tank of gas) and over 200 lb-ft of torque, this car pulls as hard or harder than any (legal) E30/E36 but is still as reliable as a regular every day Toyota.


VPi Value w/ Swap:

Make: Toyota
Model: Celica
Year: 1989
VPi: 200
Car Weight: 2407
Original HP: 138
New HP: 194
Points Added to VPi: 119
--->NEW VPI: 319


It includes (all parts Toyota unless indicated):


-        1997 Camry V6 1MZ-FE w/ 1996 Toyota Camry ECU and fuel system. (Motor was the same, but in 97 emissions and fuel delivery changed and would have required a fuel tank modification)

-        Valve train sludge free - compression tests normal across all 6 cyl

-        Red top Optima Battery

-        New Timing Belt

-        New Water Pump

-        New Oil Pump

-        New Spark Plugs and Wires

-        EGR deleted

-        1MZ Headers and collector, custom pipe + resonator with side exit to avoid sucking exhaust back in

-        AutoZone Cone air Filter

-        Walker bumper

-        oil filter relocated to fit

-        Oil Cooler (eBay)

-        Accusump (2 Qt)

-        1989 Celica Transmission (S53) & Clutch

-        New OE 1989 Celica Axles

-        New OE Replacement Bearings

-        New 2 core aluminum radiator (eBay special)


-        Currently on OE struts on lowering springs of unknown brand

-        Extra set of Eibach lowering springs

-        Recent alignment

Brakes & Wheels:

-        1997 Celica Front Brakes

-        1989 Celica Rear Brakes

-        Carbotech brake pads

-        New Brake Lines all around. All solid lines were replaced with new lines from the Toyota dealership.

-        New Brake Master Cylinder (Advance Auto Parts)

-        New braided stainless steel brake lines.

-        17" Andros SpecD Wheels with Dunlop Direzza ZII tires (Quantity 4)

-        Spare set of rear wheels - 16" Steel Celica rims with Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Tires (Quantity 😎


-        Custom roll cage with NASCAR Bars built by Jesse Prather Racing in Topeka. Used standard DOM tubing (not cromoly or anything like that)

-        Fire suppression system. 1 10LB fire extinguisher with 4 nozzles aimed: Engine Bay, Fuel Tank, Head, Stomach

-        Side net

-        Window Net

-        5 Point harness

-        Racing seat with an adjustable back support and sliders

-        wink rear-view mirror


-        Body is straight

-        1989 Celica Windshield (small crack in the corner, taped over, always passes inspection)

-        Working headlights and indicators (manual pop up and down).

-        Chump number panels #89

-        Moonroof welded in place

-        No other windows.

-        Battery relocated to the trunk for room.

-        Hand Painted with HGTV Home Exterior Matte black and semi-gloss blue to match the infamous Celica rally car livery.

-        Gold Lexus Emblem


Spare parts (all uninstalled):

-        S53 Transmission

-        Brake Ducts

-        Whiteline front sway bar

-        Chumpcar panel lights

-        Shifter cables and shifter (1989 Celica)

-        1989 used clutch (looks to have a lot of life left in it)

-        A couple of bins of extra parts for the motor (VSVs, sensors, pulleys, etc.)


Depending on your state, this car is technically road legal, so you can drive this to events if you are crazy, or, more likely, you can drive this to a shop or gas station when needed. Things required in Missouri for road legality: Lights, Turn Signals, Horn, inertia lock shoulder belt for the driver, parking brake lever (parking brake does not function, but lever meets the requirements), mirrors, brake lights, and high center brake light. It is currently licensed in Missouri.

This thing is fast and can really hang. Video proof is available here from the previous owner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMiMqeDPDJc

The combination of the high torque motor and the short gearing from the original 3s-ge setup combine to make something that really accelerates hard. The car is mechanically limited to 127 mph!

With a VPI of 319 there’s lots of room to make this car faster and not take a single penalty lap. This car has had over $20,000 spent on its development to make it reliable for the rigors of endurance racing. It’s a few hundred dollars in maxing out the go-fast mods and a fresh set of tires away from being a force to be reckoned with. My team would love to but changes our personal lives no longer allows us to run Champcar.


Asking $3400.



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