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Race Engineer Interview, Let the Heckling Begin....

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Bill stopped by my shop to ask about pro motorsports, wrecking your teammate and naming your car after an "actress". 


What could go wrong? 


In all seriousness i hope you guys find it interesting. I forget that many people outside of this region (charlotte) don't know how the big $ pro racing world goes and are curious. Feel free to ask questions and give humourous replies at our expense....


We are working on another video series idea that will hopefully bring some exposure and increased credibility to what we do here. I think it is easy for outsiders to forget that what we do for fun is not that far removed from what pro motorsports looks like...



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On 7/6/2018 at 12:28 PM, mindspin311 said:

Was great, looking forward to the other stuff you recorded.


Look for it on the facebook page. It should go up on youtube with links from FB. 


As a tech instructional show it is hard to think of the questions you guys will ask. I have to skim over topics quickly and try to get basics out there that you will need. Make sure to post questions if you have more advanced questions on a topic we covered, and i can try to explain better the details.

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