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Leviathan Motorsports V6 mr2 looking for one more driver 24h VIR

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We are looking for a 5th driver for the 24 hour at VIR. we have been racing for 2,1/2 years now and the car is set up well. we generally place top ten. we always come prepared with new tires good brakes and cool suit. We can also fit drivers up to 6'4''. Now about the car; it is a 1991 Toyota MR2 we have converted it to use a 3.3L Toyota v6. It is actually an easy car to drive, we have set up the suspension well, so don't let all the negative feedback you find on the internet turn you away. It's like driving a big go Kart! About us; we are from Athens Ga. we are pretty laid back and easy going, we want to win, but we don't take everything too seriously. We are well prepared with spare parts, and most of us work as professional mechanics for a living. We are usually prepared for whatever the racing gods throw at us. Now about what we are looking for, we want 5 drivers for this race we already have 4 so we just need one more. you will probably end up driving twice so you should end up with 4 hours of seat time. there is also a 2-hour practice session before the race so we will get everybody in the car before the race. please contact for more info me @ leviathanmotorsports@gmail.com





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