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Lowtide Motorsports crew services

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Lowtide Motorsports has open availability for many races remaining on the Champcar schedule. We currently provide crew services for a few Champcar teams, WRL, AER and SCCA. We are experienced crew members able to handle your entire weekend from load in to load out and all points in between to include all over the wall duties, communications, strategy etc... When I quote a weekend price for customers the typical response is “That’s a lot cheaper than I thought it would be”. If our cost is split amongst the drivers it is very low, most arrive and drive owners write our cost into their weekend budget and their drivers are happy to pay the difference. Check our schedule at www.lowtidemotorsports.com and if the weekend is open contact us at lowtidemotorsports@gmail.com to discuss your next race!

you can also call me at 912-398-4386

Thank you,

Sam Minerhttp://www.lowtidemotorsports.com

Lowtide Motorsports

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I've had the pleasure of having Sam on the radio and helping work on the car for a couple of race weekends. He does a great job with everything that is needed during a race weekend to help make your weekend much less stressful! Hire the guy, you won't regret it!

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