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2fer Firebird style $400

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9 hours ago, Bandit said:

Same junk in Wi is asking 800 to 1000.


Did come across a manual CTS for 850 the other day though.


Didn't run of course. 

they run the spectrum here. Typically the "rough cars" are give a ways, but people want big money for nice V8 stick cars. There is (or was) a really nice black 305 5 speed Formula like ours on c-list the guy wanted $8,000. Now it looked brand new, had low miles and some aftermarket stuff but still. The real money is in the Gen IV stuff.

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17 hours ago, Bandit said:

8k for a nice 5 speed doesn't sound bad actually.


But yes, nice 6 speed 4th gens still pull some money. Well, they are fast.


And much faster for not a lot if it's an LS.

there is a silver one that has been sitting in this guys driveway for about a year in a half. Looks like he had clutch issues and doesn't know how to or have money to fix it. Nice car...silver black leather int 6 speed. I should offer him $1500 cash...

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