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Could use one more driver for UMC.

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I could use driver number 6 for an easy-going MR2 team.


The car is an 88 Supercharged MR2, fresh off of it's fifth Lemons race at HPR. It's reliable, a blast to drive, and seems to run with the top 10 in Lemons. (Well, probably not top ten in California races.)


I've been running the team Volatile RAM since early years of Lemons. We're known for our twin-engine builds, the MRolla and the FX32. We've managed a class win, IOE, Organizers Choice, Judges Choice, and a few other awards. This will be our first Chump race.


We prefer to race with someone with a positive, fun attitude and a helpful nature, rather than the worlds fastest donkey-hole.


Price is $1000. Message me directly if interested. 

801 disco sm.jpg

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