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La Crosse WI Team Looking For Help

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I have 4 cars to make 3 of them racecars and one is finished and ready to go accept for new paint and decals. The 4th car (Integra) is a donor car. We are a Honda team with an 87 Prelude 2.0, an 89 CRX  with DOHC ZC Black Top power and a 91 Civic HB with DOHC ZC Black Top.


The CRX is the car that is going to be our best driver car. It will use every point and has some real potential. Adjustable coil overs, fully adjustable caster camber all 4 corners, and header. Has the right transmission/gear and will redline at about 140 mph. I have been driving the CRX on the street for a couple weeks and I have to take the plates off because I am just enjoying it too much. I have surprised a couple muscle cars. I had some guy in a 5.0 mustang at a stoplight bitching about RICE until they stopped me at the next light and said what the hell is in that thing as they only saw tail lights....   hehe


I was shooting for Gingerman and RA but that doesn't look like it will happen.  Just don't have the help to get it all done even for 1 car right now.  These are fast cars and will be competing for podiums with the right drivers and crew. Would consider a partnership with a team of drivers for one of the cars.  Looking to rent second car and have the third as a back up.  I have a lot of spares to support this effort. Need good people.


If you are in the area and would like to know more please send me a message.


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