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Weld thru primer?

Ian Moone

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I have used it for years doing restoration work but only on sheet metal . If you don't coat the backside it will rust out in a couple of years.  I will say it has a high zinc content and weld prettyness will suffer . I only use it where there is no way to coat the backside after the weld . Does it work ? Well its got to be better than nothing and the test of time says yes ,cars I done over 20 years ago are still lookin good and winning shows. 

 Wether you need it between steel plate I don't know . I also coat alot of metal with a etching chromate primer that seems to keep rust away quite well .. As far as name brand I have used Transtar weld trough and etching primer for many years ...

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  • Ian Moone changed the title to Weld thru primer?
24 minutes ago, Black Magic said:

Depends how long you plan to not race it...


The oldest race chassis in chump i bet has competed for 6 or 7 years. Race enough and you will be forced into a new shell eventually (so it sort of takes care of itself....).

Good thought.............Thanks.

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