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Mazda Protege $2950-just lowered

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Currently setup for SCCA ITA. Pretty basic car. Needs fire system and transponder. Adjustable coil-over sleeves, removable steering wheel, couple stets of wheels and tires, minimal spares. Car is not in my possession, so don't know a ton about it. Going a different direction so no need for it anymore. BRING OFFERS!



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For those of you that would be concerned about the bolt in cage...  they are still legal.  There are some mods that can be done to them to make them better (like weld the sleeves and plugweld the bolt holes).


The spreader plates are pretty small, but that can be fixed fairly easily too.


I bet this would make an outstandingly fun and reliable Champcar.  Should be fairly light!


Good Luck with the sale!

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Since the car is not in my immediate possession (at my buddies house) here's what I do know.
1990 Protege LX
1.8 DOHC 16 valve 
Escort GT Header
Just installed a 2.5" exhaust with free-flow resonator and racing muffler
New battery
NRG suede steering wheel
NRG quick release 
Adjustable coil-over sleeves with unknown struts
One complete set of racing wheels and tires
Set of mounted rains
I think 2 extra wheels
Kirkey seat
Front camber adjusters
Weapon R cold air intake

I do have a transponder that can be negotiated into the deal at extra cost.

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