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56 minutes ago, Ron_e said:


$1150 CDN is mounted, balanced, tire disposal tax.  Tire Rack = $636 USD, convert to USD = $828, add $100 to mount and balance = $928, so yes could have saved ~$200, not sure how the tire disposal tax comes into play when bringing 4 stickers across the border.


Do they check at the border? Of course, I would remove the stickers and salt them in with the used ones... 


"Anything to declare?"

"No sir, I race cars so I have no money to spend..." 

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We pick ours up just south of the border on the way to the track - except when the shipping company loses them. Did Portland on one set of Z3s and some spares because we were one set short.


And yes, generally when they ask us at the border if we have anything to declare we tell them we just spent a bunch of money in the US and have nothing to show for it.

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