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Help When VIR Eats Your Car, Seat Time For Me

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Anyone have a questionable mechanical ride they are bringing to VIR? 


I don't have a seat on any team as of now. I have been sitting out while i work on the newest neon, and non of my partner teams are running vir anyway....but VIR is sort of close and #becauseracecar i am thinking about it.


The good:

·Have run my own team for 5 years

·Have gone faster than ftd of the vir winner two races (in a neon)

· 15 years professional race engineering experience (nascar stuff, because it pays better)

·ASE cert mechanic who can fix or build almost anything


The bad 

· would prefer to slave over your broken car to earn a stint (seat time) rather than pay. Half because i want to save $ for my ride, half because i love the storyline of helping a team out who really needs it without taking any financial gain (well besides some seat time).

·your broken car struggles will most likely be filmed as a champcar promo video, highlighting the drama and fun of returning to battle after a nearly hopeless mechanical catastrophe. The more "roadkill" the better....

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2 minutes ago, mender said:

Very tempting to offer the same ... :P


Hope you get a taker!


If not i will see most of you again soon. Helping a team at Gingerman.


I was thinking it would be cheaper than a team renting at track mechanic\crew help....i could take the graveyard driving stint no one wants in a 24.....

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