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Looks like i might have a seat opening up for Sebring. we have a 1990 Miata the ran super reliable at Daytona, we could not have been happier with it. 

we took a heavy lap penalty due to some adjustable shocks but still finished reasonably well considering. the shock issue is resolved so i expect a much better finish at Sebring. 

looking at 800 a seat and 500 crash deposit that will be refunded at the end of the race. 



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46 minutes ago, MoparBoyy said:

is that $800 for a 2hr stint?

 i would expect 3 hours as long as weather does not drown us. 

we will have 4 main drivers with time divided equally as possible and a one hour courtesy stint going to a 4th. 


**i had to edit this b/c i can drive better than i can add..lol

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