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Fast free agent available in Norcal

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Hi All,


I'm looking for a seat with a competitive team to race for in California (LS, Sonoma, Thunderhill, etc.).


Here's an example video of my driving at Laguna Seca in January '18 during a Lucky Dog race, lapping the entire field in a top 25% car: https://youtu.be/S7tp_Zp7ac4


The vehicle in the video was a near-stock, non-sport model '03 Mercedes C-Class w/manual 6 speed. In that car, the only mods from stock at the time was a 1" spring chop, Home Depot front brake ducting, Porterfield brake pads, and 200TW tires (still has Cats & A/C!). The car had an open diff and both traction/stability control were disabled. We ended the race weekend with an overall podium, finishing in front of a bunch of much faster cars.


Private message me and I'll forward previous race official lap time breakdowns/analysis and a list of team member personal references. I'm good with a wrench, great with a laptop, and very fast/consistent behind the wheel.


I am confident I can help your team get to the front of the pack!


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