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WTT: My 350 mm MOMO Mod 78 for your nice condition 370-390 mm steering wheel

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I have a MOMO mod 78 350mm suede steering wheel with about 28 hours of racing on it (24 hours of Nelsons + practice day).


It would be nice if we had a larger steering wheel (no power steering on our car).


Who has a decent brand, decent condition larger steering wheel?  


Or, who wants to buy this Mod 78 outright and I will buy a new wheel.  


I will get pics, but here is the link to where and how I bought this one....






Rob R.

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18 minutes ago, red0 said:

See if any of these will work for you. 






This one.  

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3 hours ago, wvumtnbkr said:


If you are going to buy one outright, that link is to my sponsors website. They have good pricing and free shipping on orders over $99, even large items. 

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okay, Im impatient.  I bought a new wheel already.


What is a slightly used Momo Mod 78 worth?  paid about 225$  3 months ago (1 race).  


Im thinking it is worth about $150 (+ shipping).  Any less than that and I will keep it for some other project.


Lemme know if anybody is interested.

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