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Want to drive this fall

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I am an advanced driver in PCA HPDE (black) and I have done four Lemons races. People say that I am fast at the DEs, but I think they just have low expectations for a Miata.

I am looking to drive from September onwards on the East coast (VIR, Thompson, Pittsburgh and others in that range). I would consider events further away.

Your team need not be competitive. I am a competitive driver, but not a competitive spender.

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I am planning on getting my Canadian Endurance Racing B7 Audi A4 to Gingerman for the race in a few weeks. If I actually make it, I might need a driver. My brother in law an dI are the primaries, and are waiting on word back from 1-2 friends to confirm. It'll be an EC car, so we're not competing for anything other than decent lap times and to make it through the 15 hours.

We'll be splitting the entrance evenly between 3 or 4 drivers, splitting fuel costs, incidentals (tires/brakes), and paying any catastrophic damage. Ultimately, it should be a between a $500-$750 weekend per guy depending on how many show up.


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