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Team "More Chump than Champ"

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Hello to all,


New name and new number 880, or 88 if we can get it.


Our team has been around a few years, we run in a few different cars and still jump around a bit. We are part of Autobody Specialist in Columbus, Ohio their main car is an RX7, a new blue one this year.

We are the northern part as a few of us and our BMW 325is live in or around Hudson, Ohio (Cleveland/Akron area). 

Our next race is Pitt in Oct. hope meet more great racers during the event. Brian Hoover is the crew and car chief, drivers include Sean Tillinghast, Scott Farley, Jim Emerson, Brant Grier and me Paul Hamm. We have several others that join the fun as well, like John Valko, Jeff "Hounddog" Stewart, Chris and Tim. Stop by for a beer and or if you are looking for BMW parts and say hi.




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