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Driver seeking team!

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I do all my own maintenance for mine and friends vehicles. I've built several cars, lots of motorcycles. No welding experience. Pretty much anything else from body work to engine rebuilds I can do. Driven over 200 autocross events, countless trophies. Done about 10 HPDE weekends in both a 2008 STI and a 2008 M3. In the advanced class with Chin motorsports At barber, PCA and ReZoom. No open WTW experience, but thats why I am here. Looking for it. I do have about 6000plus hours on simulators at various tracks around the USA. Ranked top 14 nation wide on GTS currently. Your welcome to look it up. I have track experience at NCM, NOLA, Raod ATL, Barber and limited Sebring. Live in Memphis TN, but willing to travel for race weekends or build days if needed. 

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I am trying to put a group together for Harris Hill.  I'm not sure if it'll come together in time but that's the goal.  It'll most likely be in an NA Miata with guys that don't have much W2W experience either.  Again, not sure if I can get the car ready in time but that's what I'd really like to do.

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