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Rust? when does it fail?


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when does rust become an issue with safety and causing problems with passing tech as of right now a partner and I have picked up a DA integra and it has some decent rust on the wheel wells nothing has spread to the strut towers or anything like that but I just want to make sure before we dump a bunch of money into a car we cant pass tech with we are probably just being worried over nothing but we don't have a huge budget to work with so we cant waste what we got.


picture show the worst of it, it is soft enough to be pushed in with some force.

rusted fender.jpg

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Nothing honda specific

You need a solid base to weld a cage in, ask yourself if this is something you feel safe crashing and are comfortable spending $$ on, will it be structurally safe for a few years of abuse?


Climb around under the car, look at the fuel tank, straps, brake lines, subframe mounts, try to take the subframe bolts out, pull the carpet, inspect the floor, rockers and such.

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