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Hi - we are assembling a chump team and I’m trying to locate a template team agreement. Can’t seem to find one in the forums. Also looking for a car agreement as well if anyone has anything to start with.





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Not sure if one exists on the interwebs (probably). I can tell you what we do among friends. Rental drivers are different and that has been discussed on the forum. 


First of all, we have no contract, no written agreement. Has worked for six years now. We have one owner of the car and that is our team captain. This alone takes care of a lot of headaches.  His car, his decisions. He set up a Google docs spreadsheet which is shared with everyone. So everyone sees what everyone owes. And we agreed ahead of time how expenses were going to be allocated.


All team members (drivers and non-drivers) share in garage rent and non-consumables such as engine re-build kits, tools, cage build, fire suppression system, cool suit system, etc. In addition, drivers pay for consumables like oil, fuel, tires, etc. - that is things that are used during a race. Each person is responsible for their own personal protection - fire suit, helmet, gloves, cool shirt, etc. Food and lodging for each race is logged in the spreadsheet. I take care of this part of the racing, so I make all the arrangements if needed and log it in the spreadsheet. It is a good idea to check with each teammate to evaluate their personal algorithm of price vs. comfort. 


Rental drivers work with the owner and he usually charges them for consumables. Owner(s) could elect to charge a bit for overhead, but in our case, because it's his car and he functions as the 'bank' in the spreadsheet, it's a function of how poor he feels for that race. 


Our rules: 

1. If you break it, you pay for fixing it. 

2. If your bill gets too high, you can't race until you pay it off. Too high is a function of the graciousness of the owner as he is the 'bank'. 

3. Keep track of team expenses and make it visible. Saves a lot of aggravation. 

4. Solve your own problems. #adulting


Hope that helps. If you are going in with others on a car, I can see having a simple agreement to handle expenses and what to do if someone wants out or how to dissolve the agreement fairly. 


Good luck!


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