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Any ChampCar teams in Indianapolis?

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Thing3 is an Indy team that I started racing with.   Justin is  a great guy that has been helping me to start my own endurance team.  He just drove with Premature Accelerators at Gingerman this past weekend.  

I'm in Northwest Indiana and I'm currently working on a build that would be in EC if I race with Champcar.  Here is the link to Thing3 and the link to my FB page.  





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Wade Parrish!!!!!........Jim Blankenbaker.......on the other side (Good Side) of my divorce.


Don't "have a seat" but am serious about starting team..for fun.....run every lap.....don't worry about 'top speed'.....stay fluid, consistent and positive.  I have a 70's era big block Dodge Truck (short bed) that can be used.  From my previous work in NASCAR truck series,  already have halon bottles, seat, dble MSD ignition boxes, misc parts.  The whole thing just needs to be torn down and built back up. I can fab. the rollcage and drop suspension if I can find a place (indoors) to do the work.  AND,  I think we would need to do minimum 1 race before Indy (maybe 2) and 4 drivers.


Let me know if you have any thoughts or desire.




Jim Blankenbaker

3242 Bay Road South Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46240


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