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Harnesses...3x2 or 2x2 Schroth


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We are ordering harnesses for the Ford today/tomorrow and are either going with the Schroth Enduros or Flexis (or maybe the Profis). 

Since we'll never use these without a HNR, is there any reason to not just go with the 2x2's? Are the ZIP adjusters on the Enduros really worth the extra $150-200 over the Flexis or Profis? We're not really time-challenged with driver swaps and between us, there isn't a huge amount of adjustment between drivers. 


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I had some other belts in the past, but wanted something nicer.

I bought the flexis because they were the only ones that could be pull up lap belts.


Unfortunately, I couldnt get the pull up set up to work in my due to lengths of belts, placement, etc...


I run the Flexis in the pull down configuration and LOVE them.  I cant imagine an adjuster being worth $150 more.  These adjust fantasitcally in both the loosening and tightening directions.


I run the 2 x2 and like the added comfort.

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