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Newbie looking for seat at Pitt/VIR

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Hey guys,

I finally decided I would make the jump into endurance racing, and I wanted to see if any teams here have a seat available for Pitt/VIR. I have regional aX experience, track time at Summit Point and NJMP thunderbolt, and I grew up competitive karting (I also crew for an AER team).That being said, this will be my first wheel to wheel race, so I would be happy to meet with potential teams beforehand if you need to vet me to make sure I'm not a total lunatic :). I understand I don't have the track experience of many others, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? 

With that in mind, any team that can deal with a rookie would be awesome. I don't need to be in a fast car (heck, it would be better if I weren't), and I would prefer to keep the cost on the lower side of things if at all possible. But I'm more than happy to talk with any teams and see where stuff goes from there. Thanks everyone.



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