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Looking for Reputable Tire shop for Laguna Seca Race in Dec for Canadians

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We are headed to Laguna Sec for the Dec 14-16 race, and are looking for a reputable tire shop to get our tires shipped to from Tire Rack and mount them on our rims.  We expect it to be in the -30 degrees C range when we leave, so we don't want to take our tires with us.  We want to get the tires shipped fairly soon to a place close to the track (Monterey\Salinas area) so they don't freeze for 3 days as we drive the 3000 km's.  We will be in Monterey Thursday Dec 13, and will be looking for a place to mount\balance our tires that day.  We can drop off our rims off in the morning and would need to pick up the mounted\balanced tires that afternoon.  Can anyone recommend a place that will take care of us?


With our previous 8 races, a team member (my son who's a mechanic) has done our tires for us.  Looking forward to the race!


David Dansereau

8 Ball Racing

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We had our tires shipped to a tire shop in Salinas and they had us back on the road in an hour. Not the nicest part of town so be careful but good service.


Our GPS was taking us in circles that led us past a cluster of tents twice before we ignored its advice and turned a different way and used a map. I'm pretty sure the third time around they would have been waiting for us gringos.


We stayed just up the coast at a Super 8 that was nice and cheap and had a Denny's right beside it. 20 minutes from the track.



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