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1994 Acura Integra Champcar

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For sale 1994 Acura Integra, the motor is a 2.0 from a 97 Honda CRV. The car is a 425 point car. 

Car has a tuned ECU, after market header. 

Full nascar style roll cage. 

Extra set of tires and wheels, spare set of front axles. Car comes as is minus the radio wiring. 

Fire bottle piped to both engine bay and driver compartment. Race seat is on a slider with approved back post. The car has passed the 2018 annual tech. 

Lots of spare parts. 

If anyone is interested in seeing the car perform. We will be racing it for the last time at Sebring on September 22nd. Will be at the track on the 21st in the afternoon. 

$6000 OBO


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Price lowered
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Not to be "that guy" but you might want to double check your points math. With the swap you have to start with a GSR for your base value, 350 points. Swap adds 50, 25 for header, 10 for splitter- 435. 


Edited for fake news, sorry about that. I knew that wasn’t a ‘94 and still screwed up. 

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