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E36 Sedan --> part out

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One of my teammates took an opportunity to pick up a cheap '93 325i sedan (over-heating engine that seems to be lack of proper coolant bleeding and lack of some basic maintenance) for some spare parts for our car.  There was no intent to use the chassis, but it turns out it looks to be in very good shape - no signs of crash damage anywhere - car is straight.  Minimal rust in battery tray, some rust on rockers and rust in both front floor pans (all rust deemed either no affect other than appearance or fixable).


If anyone is looking for a good chassis to start a new build, this could be a good one.  Its solid, and should get a second life :) 

Chassis is currently located in Commerce MI (NW Detroit area) in my shop.


Car could be sold as a bare chassis or roller for cheap.  Or I could start/complete a build for you to your specs, from a caged chassis to track-ready for 2019 season.



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Update with some info and pricing - 


I have the car in my shop now and have taken a closer look at it.  Straight chassis, no signs of any crashes.  Rust in front floor-boards that would need to be addressed prior to putting a cage in.  All body panels on the car.  Car starts, runs and drives but does need some work to be road/track going (exhaust end before the cats, very high clutch release point, runs a bit rough, should have suspension/brakes gone through and refresh what is needed, both axles have torn boots), some of the wiring is a bit of a mess (most of that should be pulled for a racer), starting procedure is interesting...  P.O. just stuck some random house key in the IGN switch (not the tumbler, just the switch)


It is currently sitting on Koni orange colored shocks with stock springs and Type 96 wheels with dead tires.  Drive-train is still in the car (M50B25, single vanos, stock M/T, need to confirm diff, diff needs new side seals and possibly front seal).  Interior is mostly out of the car, has a couple of seats placed in there, Dash is still in car.  Clean WI title.


I have some spares/performance parts that can go with/on this car (good used axles, Kosei wheels, 


Chassis is crap.  See next post...


I can sell this in various forms, however buyer wants it:

  • $200 - chassis/shell only. All body panels/glass, subframes on, no drive-train, ABS hydraulics will remain (can't confirm if its operational), engine harness gets pulled with the engine.
  • $500 - rolling chassis
  • $1000 - driver as it sits right now ( available this weekend for pickup)
  • $2500 - caged roller, built to meet the rules (6-point with basic gusseted X-bar on driver side, basic gusseted x-bar on passenger side, dash bar), rust repaired,
  • $3000+ - caged roller, built to match my current car (nascar style or FIA X-bar style driver, Adds rear X-bar, main hoop lower cross bar, roof cross bar, gussets, chassis tabs, driver door modified for cage fitment. - $+ with Modifications per your desired specs) 
  • $4500+ - 3K level caged, with current drive-train with a basic tune up, fresh fluids, some weight reduction done to doors, comes with usable axles to replace what is on the car and some partially used PFC08 brake pads, 4 Kosei wheels with good usable race rubber, very basic modified stock exhaust.  Basically enough to get on track for testing once you add seat/harness/window net/kill switch/fire suppression (I can install these if you provide).











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Discovered some really shady back-yard repairs on the rear subframe while going over the car today (wheel stud "welded" in to sort-of help keep the front RR subframe mounts roughly in correct place.  maybe...).  Chassis is a no-go for a car build.





Part out?  



yeah, part out.    Upper body is in decent shape, only driver door and left front fender are things that should probably just be tossed. 

Some decent parts on the car.  Running engine, working trans/diff.  I'm keeping a few small parts for sure, but if you need something, let me know.  Pick-up for large/heavy bits.  Can ship at buyers expense.  Things can go cheap, so toss offers my way.

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