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Fuel Mileage w/ Spec Miata


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Wondering what kind of drive time people are getting from a 1.6 miata (or Spec Miata)?  I have a 90 minute enduro coming up in a couple of months and instead of driving my RX7, I am planning on using my spec miata, but have never enduro'd it before so have no idea how long I should be able to drive on a tank of gas.  We have to make a 5 minute stop anyway, but it would be easier not to get in and out of the car for fueling during that 5 minutes.  


Anyone have any thoughts.





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We ran a heavily modified 1.6 for about three years and never came close to needing an early fuel stop in three years running two hours.


OK once at Road America when we did not get it full during the stop we ran out once. Everybody makes a mistake at some point. 

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