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Forming race team in Tyler Texas, need drivers, and crew members

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I raced with SCCA for 13 years in the ITS class, loved it, but had to give it up a few years back, but I have recently been bitten by the race bug again and want to go Champ Racing. I have a 1990 Nissan 300ZX that is 95% finished, it has been raced in NASA and the GCRA series in the past, it just needs to be gone through, and updated a little. I plan to run races in Texas, AL, and Florida in 2019, and needs some drivers and crew members. If your interested in going racing in 2019, live in East Texas and are willing to help out with the team, I have a spot for you. I am looking for someone that can contribute to the success of the team by being willing to devote time to working on the car, and supporting the team at the track. If you can work on the car, great, if you know about electronics and can maintain radios and the electrical systems in the car, wonderful, engineering your thing, your the man, or gal we need.

I want to run competitivley, but must of all, I want to have a lot of fun, if you have race experience, give me a call, if you have none, but want to get involved with a race team, give me a call. 




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I am an extremely passionate individual who loves automobiles and racing. I am extremely experienced in the automotive sector and would greatly love and appreciate this opportunity. Also I am currently a engineering student working towards my BA in Hope's to work for a major automotive race team. 

Ken Rosier



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