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For Sale: OMP HTE-R and Schroth Harnesses

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For Sale: OMP HTE-R and Schroth Harnesses


OMP HTE-R 400 racing seat with halo (I used this as my driver's seat) - $980 new - asking $750


2 sets of Schroth 6 point Profi II harnesses ($385 each new) - asking $250 each


I sold my track car (a 2007 NC Miata) earlier this year and the buyer did not want the seats/harnesses.  I already sold the passenger seat. Seats and harnesses were purchased new in December 2017 from Discovery Parts here in GA. 

I used everything during a couple of events this year. I found everything to be a great setup for my Miata and it fit me well. I am 6' and 175 pounds. 

I will include the harness boxes and manuals and extras as you can see in the pictures. I will also include some extra bolts/washers that I bought for my particular setup. If you are going to wrap the shoulder harnesses around a roll bar as I did, you should have everything you need. If you are going for a different setup, you may need to purchase a few bolts, washers, etc.  The seats are shown with a slide mount attached, but those are not included in the sale.

Items are sold as is, with no warranty, with what is shown in the pictures. Of course, you buy and use at your own risk. As with all equipment affecting your safety, you must have everything professionally installed and inspected before use. Seller (me) takes no responsibility for this equipment and how it is used and buyer must be aware of risks including injury or death.

Free pickup in Atlanta or Sandy Springs. You pay shipping (FedEx or a pallet carrier/Roadie) if I need to ship. I strongly suggest pickup as shipping the seat can be $200+! Paypal only if shipping, cash only if in person.

If you want any other views or closeups just let me know and I will post.


If you are interested or have any questions, please send me a direct message.


























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If you need belts, get these!! I have HRX belts in my car now and they are really nice. The issue is, they are not easy to adjust, and they are the pull up type. My old were G-Force and they were pull down. Very difficult to adjust.


I drove in a car with these belts recently. WOW, they are so easy for the driver to adjust themselves while in the seat!

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I'll check my belts tomorrow, if they expire at the end of this year (I believe they do...) then one set of belts is sold. 


To be clear, these are the "pull up style" lap belts that everyone loves and work well in tighter/deeper seat configs? Sounds like it based on what I am hearing from @djsteviec


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Michael purchased one of the belt sets.


I still have one set left, along with the halo seat. The center buckle for this set has a different manufacturing date as my installer damaged the original when they pulled the seats out of the car. This is something you would probably never notice, but just want to make sure I am 100% upfront!




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