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Cheap Cars Coming in NC

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Looking at coparts today i noticed lots of florence cars coming thru. Just a heads up that 


1) You can buy NC cars without a licence (supposedly) 

2) Although wet, many are stupid cheap and good donors for hard parts that won't rust

3) They may not run, so plan ahead on how you will hide it from your sig other.

4) Most newer cars in the yard got there from a wreck, this allows you a better chance at parts that are usually gone from the yard (like front end).


Happy hunting

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I recommend removing every wire and relay if there are any signs that the car got wet.  The issues might not strike right away, but they will.  They will be hard to diagnose because the wires will most likely show continuity, but turn to poop when energized.  At some point.


Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your race.

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I rebuild a vehicle from a flood a long time ago for a customer. It took me 2 months. I had to change EVERY thing. It was totally not even worth touching. I had to change EVERY module in the vehicle up to the top of the dash along with the Engine, Trans, Diffs, axle and Fuel system. Salt water got everywhere. Everything was changed over from a donor car. 

I wouldn't even buy a flooded car for the hard parts.

It was a copart's car a customer bought thinking it was gonna be a quick fix.

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