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3 Used Parts and 1 New One

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I have 3 used safety parts:

1) A blue Sparco Sprint race seat, FIA certified.  This is a steel tube frame design, 4 hole, but modified to pass the sub strap up through the seat bottom. $50


2) Jaz Products 16 gallon Polyethylene fuel cell.  SFI rated. Includes a 2.5" 45 degree entry fitting with roll over flap, a -8 vent with roll over valve and a -8 fuel out, and an extra hole for a -8 fuel return. Also includes the 2.5" fill cap and fitting, but not the vinyl tube to connect the 2. $80


3) A Jaz battery box with hold-down parts.  $10 or free with any purchase!


1 New part:


1) brand new OMP 6 point harness with hardware.  FIA rated.  Good until the end of next year, or forever for groups that don't care.  $50


Tampa area









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