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2019 VPI List Is Out!

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Well that request certainly backfired.  Later Gen2 Rx7s got more points to play with, my 240 stays flat @ 350.  At least when I wad it up I can build a functional but slow as molasses 210 horse S197 Mustang @ 475... same as the 260hp '04?  


I may have chosen my car, but I sure didn't choose the right one(s) for champcar racing.

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Well, at least this way we can see that 2 gallons of fuel cost 25 pts...


S4 RX7 16.5 gallon tank (roughly) 275 Pts

S5 RX7 18.5 gallon tank (roughly) 300 pts


In race trim, the cars weigh the same.

In race trim, the S5 hp advantage is negated by the ability to run the 1K higher rpm that the S5 cars get.


Pretty straight forward example for figuring out how much Champcar thinks fuel is worth...

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9 minutes ago, the5 said:

What is a good source to find Fuel Capacities?

Looking For the following Cars-

1998 E36 328i

1993 E36 325i 

2000 E46 328i  

2002 E46 325i 

All I can think about is how expensive shifting can be in those cars.

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So I see the Audi TT dropped to 475 thank you should of been more, is better.

My old beetle was 200 points all the room in the world!

SO if I drop the Audi TT AWD swap every thing in to the Beetle

+50 swap

+100 turbo

200 car

350 total

- 75 automatic DSD

275 for base car Beetle/audi

will this fly???


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