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The NATO post showed the same physical tank was used in 87 88 tc and the cars marked as "22.2" gal. It appears the owners manual number may be different, as an attempt to mask the fuel starvation issues when turning. 


If a tc owner brought the automobile catalog web link and the NATO link it would be hard to tell them definitively no to 22.2 gal. Or they could just run the stock big tank and have that "real" capacity although not as safe as a cell.

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1 hour ago, Ron_e said:

I can’t see being allowed to use the trans and  VPI of the TC then the fuel and weight of the LX.  If so then there is something wrong with the rules.  This all goes away if the LX is just put back to where it was at 200 points and the cars do not get screwed in the swap calculator because nobody wants to run an 150 hp TBird.  


How would that be any different than using the lead floor convertible 4 door super winter package weight in the calculator, even when building a ultralight coupe like the E30s do.


If you cant beat them, join them.

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16 hours ago, mender said:

That's good and all, but that was what you decided of your own free will.


Not everybody will make that same decision because they race for different reasons. Why take away their freedom to choose for themselves?

My point, to your comment was that V8 cars tend to be more expensive to run/maintain.  Hence why teams are opting for other smaller platforms that cost less to run and allow for more development and upgrades within their budget.

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