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85 RX-7 Spec Race Car

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What: 1982, updated to 85 spec,  RX-7 Pro-7 race car. Raced in Pacific Northwest for the last 8 years in Conference (see icscc.com for details of this SCCA type race group). This car was originally built as a race car to fit my 6' 5" frame. Updated to seat sliders so that others can also drive it as well as the tall guys.  17" width seat to fit almost all body types.

Cars holds race and qualify records at NW area tracks so it is a fast, well sorted race car.

Location: South Seattle area
Price:$4498.88 (lucky eights) OBO. I have a complete rolling chassis GSL parts car that could be added for the right price, so let's talk.
Build Details: https://www.icscc.com/forums/showthr...-guys-Race-car!
Title: Uh, no. This is a race car. It is not street legal and can't be made street legal.  You will get a bill of sale.
Why I'm selling: Time to build my next race car.
Contact: I don't frequent here much. Email: bossbill [the 'at' sign] comcast [add the dot net].
If you text: 425-529-eight-eight-two-nine.
If you call, text first or I won't answer your call due to scammers and sales calls.
Why now: Gives you time to add/delete stuff over the winter. Plus, I need my enclosed trailer for my other race car.
Other stuff: Pro-7 is a street stock class similar to other SCCA/NASA classes (SPEC-7). Although this specific class has dwindled over the years, this car can be used for Open Track, Champ, Lucky Dog and similar venues. It can also be upgraded to SCCA ITA, where it could well. This is a great beginner's or Champ car and the purchase price is less than renting most race cars for a few weekends.

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The base VPI is 100 points

Camber Plates 20
Rear shock Adj 50

Engine pulleys 10

Coilover front 20

Rear Eibach sprinjg, Std OD 0

Front sway 20

Hub Spacers 0

Stock wheels /extra long studs 0

Total      220


Remember -- this is a spec class car (like spec Miata), so engine, trans, rear end, brakes must be fairly stock with little variation.

The major changes are to remove emissions, remove cat, add a lot of air to the brakes, more track, and a cage.

If you want to take a 25 point hit, you can add a header and it would from 120  to about 140+ hp.  The carb has externally adjustable jets and a pyrometer to dial in the EGT to 1650* F.

During its life as an ICSCC racecar it would keep up with the mid-range Spec Miata field. 

For this week only I can add an ITA front, flex airdam to the deal.

I also have a GSL parts car which could be made available for a small sum.


The cage on this car is extremely overbuilt. The NASCAR door bars (3 tubes), front tire intrusion bar, A-piller rollover over bar, gussets at all windshield corners, gussets at all B-piller corners, diagonal roof bar and  double bars behind seat. I paid almost 4K for the cage. It is stamped and approved as a competition cage.


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